Sunday 8:15 AM: Rabbi Dvir Ginsberg, Introduction to Talmud at the Meltz home, Yael Hagibora 58 (English) 

Monday  8.15 AM: Rabbi Dvir Ginsberg on "Investigating Tfillah - Making it Meaningful", at the home of Caryn Meltz Rechov Yael Hagibora 58 (English)

Tuesday 8.30 AM: Dr. Avigail Rock on Sefer Bamidbar, at the home of Jordana Schoor, Rechov Rivka Imenu 5/1, (English)

Wednesday morning  9 AM: Rav Sobol discusses famous Jewish personalities and their teachings at the home of Debra Hockley, Rechov Sara Imenu 44. (Easy Hebrew)

First Sunday of every Month, 9 AM: Moreshet Aviva at the home of Geri Schwartz, Rechov Yosef 50. 
Moreshet Aviva is a group of women who get together once a month to learn about one middah each month, by a different speaker each month. It began to honor the life of Aviva Areyeh Z"L, a teenager from New York who passed away suddenly several years ago and was known for her exemplary dedication to improving herself spiritually. For more information google moreshesaviva or call Geri Schwartz 9717418 (English)

Monthly Rosh Chodesh Shiur for Women: Yifat Kleimer delivers a monthly Hebrew shuir, rotating between the different souls in the neighborhood (Moriah Batei Knessiot)


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